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High Quality Sports Performance and Personal Training Programs Online or at one of our locations in Jacksonville, FL for the Student-Athlete to the General Fitness Enthusiast. Completely individualized, our trainers build your program, educate movements and reduce injury risk while improving performance.

Data Driven Results

Programs developed based on The Ground Up Method, a comprehensive movement assessment.

Multi-disciplined with collaborations to meet your needs in a holistic approach. 

Tracking & increasing performance through obtainable measurable's.


Go beyond the basic workouts. The average training program is not enough and it's out-dated leading to increased injuries.

Ground Force Strength and Conditioning Training Systems is the Preferred Personal Training and Sports Performance Company in Fleming Island and the Greater Jacksonville area by providing Athletes and General Fitness Enthusiast a better way to exercise since 2010. Our Certified Trainers help educate our clients by providing them with practical training solutions by providing them with detailed information that you do not get anywhere else. 

We specialize in athletic assessments, strength and conditioning and injury prevention through a systematic approach called the Ground Up Method.


Our staff curates an individualized training plan based on a one time consultation that provides you and us critical information on your movements and exercise capacities. Each member is on boarding with our mobile training app to help increase engagement and accountability. 

"The most frustrating aspect in youth development is throwing exercises at them to see what sticks."

-James Walsh, Founder

Why a Youth Assessment?

The Ground Up Method combines clinical researched and practical movement assessments as key identifiers to movement and strength deficiencies, not injury predictors. While youth athletes are in critical stages of development, we take several factors into account when evaluating movement and strength based on training capacities and training age. While there is no way to prevent injuries, increasing movement proficiencies reduces time away when an injury may occur.  

Here are some common overuse injuries that may be reduce when incorporating the correct exercise programming.

  • ITBS Also Known as IT Band Snydrome

  • Runner's Knee or Patellafemoral Pain

  • Shin Splints

  • Plantar Fasciitis 

  • Osgood Schlatter's 

  • Hip Flexor Injuries


Read more about exercise selection and why the exercises maybe contributing to your injury risk here. 

Learn More about our One Time Consultations and how we are helping reduce the risk potentials by increasing movements through Balance, Coordination, Strength Training and More.

Science Backed+Application

A Ground Force Strength and Conditioning Training System completes your development.

Our training programs lead you into the next phase in health & human performance by curating optimal movements and exercises based on your specific needs and goals. We reduce the internet chatter and give you clear sound and practical advise in Jacksonville, Fleming Island and even when you're located abroad. 

Strength and Conditioning

Sports Medicine

Programs designed for you based on Sport and Age.

Sports Prehab Exercises to address common overuse injuries.

Track Performances

Track measurable's like volume, distance ran and resistance lifted.

Remote Training

Training for any athlete or fitness enthusiast delivered to your device.

Athlete Wellness

Athlete Wellness Questionnaire

Questionnaires developed to help manage training load and volume

Direct Messaging

Send video and chat messages directly to your trainer.

Personal Training Ground Force.HEIC

Developed with Athletes and Coaches in Mind

We understand how valuable your time is as a coach, helping you reduce the day to day need to prepare quality workouts for your athletes. This is why we offer team training for Schools and Athletic Clubs. We have hundred's of athletes that have received quality designed programs on our training platform helping them reduce injury risk and improving performance.

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Personal Training

Go beyond a sweat and learn how to train, set goals and more.

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