We offer One- Time Consultations to help you make the best decision for your training goals. 

Our consultation process helps educate you or your athlete on a practical approach to training. Whether you are a Personal Training Client or a Youth Athlete our Personal Trainers  take you through a complete workout, from warm up to cool down, they help educate you along the way. From Movement Education,  Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Building Muscle and increasing performance is a science that requires education and practical experience. We have found that while giving our members a great and fun workout, education has helped the make better decisions towards their goals.


The best way to do this is with our One-Time Consultation. During your consultation we will measure your basic Biometrics such as

  • Body Fat% ,

  • Height ,Weight , and Measurements.

  • Next we take you through a our Ground Up Method Movement Assessment , which includes Strength, Core and Balance.

  • Lastly, Nutrition Coaching is included as part of your training. No Fad dieting or elimination diet advice given, only coaching advise to meet your goals.

*Nutrition Coaching approach will vary based on assessment.