We want to make sure we've answered all of your questions about Personal Training, Activ Therpay and Team Training. If you still have questions regarding training option and the benefits of working with a trainer, check below or feel free to give us a call directly.

Frequently asked questions

Activ Therapy

What is Activ Therapy?

Activ Therapy is a blend of Personal Training and Physical Therapy that offers different training techniques based off of your personalized evaluation.

What is the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Activ Therapy?

Our approach to improving movement and reducing discomfort begins on understanding where the root cause of pain is, rather than the site of pain. We do not work with post -operative patients rather than patients/clients that are post Physical Therapy.

How is Activ Therapy Benefical?

Activ Therapy is finding the root cause of muscular imblanances and improper movement patterns. Improving these imbalances will help increase circulation, range of motion, balance and muscular function.

Sports Performance

How early should my child begin a program?

Long Term Athletic Development is a system that helps build life long fitness. Foundational exercises should be implemented in a fun and safe training enviornment as early as 5-6 years of age. We offer a Fundamentals Class for Ages 9+ Before athletes begin lifting weights, we want to make sure they are proficient in movements and can control their own bodyweight. We base all training on athletic maturity (training age) to help increase their success.

Do you work with Sports Teams?

Absolutley! We work with Sports Organizations, Educational Institutes and Private Training Facilities. Each training exerpirence is based on the Needs Analysis of the organization.

Personal Training

I've had a Personal Trainer before, How is this different?

Our Personal Trainers are here to help educate you through functional movements, nutrition education for the working adult. These are practical approaches to helping you create better habits for long term success. Our process begins with a comprehensive evaulation, that helps you identify behavioral road blocks.

Are your Trainers Certified?

Each one of our Trainers is Certified by the NCCA, and or holds a Bachlors in Exercise Science, Physical Therapy or Sports Medicine.


Do you accept insurance?

No, we want to help save the client as much time and money as possible in the long run. Insurance limits how much time a therapist, trainer and physicians can spend with clients/patients. The average insurance claim for a injury is over $2500 without the co-pay.

Do you accept Flex Spending or Health Savings Account?

Yes, we do. With proper documentation from your primary physician, we can apply FSA or HSA towards your balance.


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