The Assessment is for anyone looking for more information about on how to improve their performance to improving their health and fitness. We never prescribe a one size fits all approach, and this is the first step.

An assessment can determine physical strong-points and areas for improvement. Not only can fitness assessments help beginners get started on improving their health, but aide seasoned athletes to build upon their previous and current routines. This information has helped hundred's of athletes and fitness enthusiast understand movement and getting more out of their training. Here is what is included in your Fitness Assessment Report: 

  • Body fat, Blood pressure, Height, Weight

  • Maximal strength, Power Test, Strength endurance tests

  • VO2 Max Capacity

  • Functional Movement Assessments

  • Flexibility and manual muscle testing

  • Bio-electrical Impedance

  • Circumferential and/or Skinfold measurements

  • PDF Report

  • Online Access to Updating Your Personal Information

We offer a Consultation and Evaluation to get you started. Our Consultation is :30 and is Free. This is where we answer questions you may have regarding training with our staff, and seeing if we are a good fit for each other. The difference between the Consultation and Evaluation Process is the Evaluation  is the next step to training with us. We want to make sure we that we set expectations, training goals and give you the best training experience possible.  To schedule your Free Consultation, schedule below


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