Online Training 

Whether you're a General Fitness Enthusiast in Virginia or a Sports Club in California, we have Trainers available for you, your teams and organization.  For More information please email 

How it Works

Navigating through the Internet for Trainers, Training Programs and Online Videos can be overwhelming, and with Youth Athletes Injury Rates, Fitness Participation and Fad Diets at an All-Time High, We want to help guide you through all of the non sense and have you going in the right direction. 

WOD (Workout of the Day) Get Daily Workouts sent to your App In Box. WOD's are sent out at 9pm EST for the next day. 

Team WOD (Sports Specific Training) Workouts are sent to your App In Box and are sent out Sunday's 9pm EST for the upcoming week. 

Step One

Purchase a Team WOD, WOD or Trainer on Demand Package.

Once you have purchased the package, you'll be able to start setting up your personal training profile and download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store instantly. 

Step Two

One of our Certified Trainer will Schedule your Your Welcome Call and Assessment within 24 Hours.  Some of the Things to Expect: 1) Our Trainers will walk you through your training app and features. 2) You will need a small to be able to record specific movements, such as the squat or push-up using our in messaging feature within your app. Approximately :45

Step Three

Our Trainers will create a 4 Week Training Cycle based on the Welcome Call and Assessment. A Minimum of 3 Days will be scheduled into your personalized calendar within 24 hours.

Step Four

The Next and Final Step is to Schedule a Follow Up at the end of the Month. During this time we will check-in weekly via our in messaging feature, for any FAQ's. Lastly, We want you to be consistant with your training, you will see "Habits" and Reminders to keep you going!


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