Personal Training

We offer Private to Semi Private Personal Training with an individualized experience leading to better results. 

Our Personal Trainers take you through a complete workout, from warm up to cool down, and  help educate you along the way about  Fat Loss, Weight Loss, and Building Muscle. These are a science that requires education and practical experience. We have found that while giving our members a great and fun workout, education has helped the make better decisions towards their goals.


The best way to do this is with our One-Time Consultation. During your consultation we will measure your basic Biometrics such as Body Fat% ,Height ,Weight , and Measurements. Next we take you through a our Ground Up Method Movement Assessment , which includes Strength, Core and Balance. Lastly, Nutrition Coaching is included as part of your training. No Fad dieting or elimination diet advice given, only coaching advise to meet your goals.

*Nutrition Coaching approach will vary based on assessment.