Internal Rotation and Sports Performance Part 1

Hip Internal Rotation maybe your limiting factors.

Hip Internal Rotation

The Femur of the hip can internally rotate or externally rotate based on the directions of the foot and knee. There are several muscles that make this IR possible (or limited).

Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL)

Glute Medius and Glute Minimus

Adductor Magnus, Brevis and Longus


The TFL has an important role in hip function as it is also directly related to the IT Bands, and when tight they limit the ability to IR.

The Glute Med and Minimus are hip stabilizers deep within the glutes that inserts directly to the femur. Not only does the GM assist in IR they also assist in depression of the pelvis. (Check Single Leg Balance with knee raise to check weakness)

The Adductor Complex is large and helps with Hip adduction and extension (pulling femur in and backwards)

The Pectineus muscle is a small flat band that inserts to the pelvis to medial aspect of the femur. The PM is more of a adductor than a main IR, however because it assist in the movement we will add he PM in. The PM is also a underlying muscle when it comes to groin strains.

The lack of IR can influence your gait pattern, as well as your agility. Losing power in your cross-over step, or first step in a change of direction can become a problem. More so lack of IR can cause low back discomfort and stiffness, effecting the hinge or sprint.

Here are a few exercises we use to improve Hip IR.

  1. The 90/90 Hip Drill: This exercise does two major things, one: works hip IR and external rotation with several muscles involved. Two: the obliques are part of the anterior sub-systems, which is directly tied into the adductors.

2. The adductor Rockback: With the extended leg out and ankle rolled to floor, you will feel a stretch from the medial thigh to the hip. This a a good lengthening exercises to help with groin and low back discomfort.

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