With Ground Force Strength and Conditioning Training Systems, our Sports Performance Staff is ready to assess and address the needs of athletes based on our AMS System (Athletic Maturity Screening). This system allows us to individualized as much as possible for the athletes feeling confident and ready to perform at their highest levels. We use the RPE Method (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and Wellness Questionnaires to avoid over training. We work with coaches from all over to help their athletes perform better and stay healthy. We work with all sports from ages 9 years and up. We want athletes, parents and coaches to enjoy the process of development to reduce any potential injuries. Schedule your athletes Evaluation and training here.

The RPE Method

The RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) Method is a scale created in the 1970s and recently updated in 2010 to ad TQR (Total Quality of Recovery). It is used to help athletes and coaches measure the "Intensity" of a Training session, not the "Load."

However, loading and exertion can be measured together in a single session, which ultimately increases the athlete's natural response to new loads or maxes.

Understanding the variability of training with athletes and student-athletes means not every percentage laid out will be met. Lack of sleep, nutrition, and recovery will lead to faster burnout and injury. 

Progressive planning of an RPE Means that we can adjust the load based on other factors. 

Our on boarding process for new athletes help sets SMART goals, identify training needs and helps educate the athletes, parents and coaches with our "Ground Up" Method. O...
In Person Assessment
1 hr 15 min
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