Youth Athletes

We work with Ages 6 years to 18 years of age through Long Term Athletic Development. Understanding the needs of a child going from adolescences is critical when programming Strength and Speed Exercises. Assessments will also help determine Athletic Maturity. 

Movement Matters

Long Term Athletic Development is set on a training philosophy of Windows of Opportunity during Adolescence. Our Training Philosophy allows us to make LTAD more practical for athletes and parents.  

Early Start

Early Start is from 0-6 years of age and is introduced to basic movements and complete unstructured Free Play with little to no instruction on skill development.


Fundamentals is from ages 6-9 years of age and continues the ABC's (Agility Balance and Coordination) Introducing skill development with Free Play with semi-instructions and organization. Balance and Speed Development is critical to develop early on to assist with carry over during puberty.

Learning to Train

Age 9-12 years of age. This is the biggest time period for trainability and motor learning in both males and females. This is an ideal time to introduce testing and monitoring methods. This is why we asses functional movements screening should begin to help monitor individual patterns of development.

Training to Train

Ages 11-16 years of age. This stage formal Strength and Conditioning takes place with emphasis on movement and control and speed development for females should focus on Anaerobic Power during this time.  

Training to Compete

Ages 16+  This stage becomes more specialized in skill set and training reducing sports 1-2 year. This training phase trains cognitive, physical and in competition physical attributes. Training cycles can last from 8-12 weeks depending on sport.