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Hip Mobilizations and Banded Distractions: Why you need them post training

The hip joint, providing stability and support during movements. It is a fibrous and flexible sleeve that contains synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint and allows for smooth motion.

In sports like soccer and basketball, the hip capsule plays a vital role in supporting the hip joint during dynamic movements, such as running, cutting, and changing direction.

These sports, like many others involve frequent lateral and rotational movements, which can put stress on the hip joint and surrounding structures. A strong and flexible hip capsule helps in maintaining joint integrity and reducing the risk of injuries like hip impingement or labral tears.

One of the most neglected times to work on mobility is post, competition, or post training. During this time your body core temperature is elevated. Blood flow is circulating muscle tissues are pliable and the nervous system trainable, allowing for corrective patterns to be applied.

Hip mobilization exercises are techniques used to improve the mobility and flexibility of the hip joint. These exercises can be particularly beneficial for athletes in sports like soccer and basketball, as well as those involved in jumping and landing activities. By creating space in the hip capsule, you can enhance joint function and reduce the risk of injuries.

In order to increase hip mobility and range of motion, when first must create space inside the joint. Some of our go to exercises are Banded Distractions.

It's important to note that using banded distractions without an applicable mobilizations exercise will not improve long-term outcome. We suggest pairing a Nuerological Treatment Technique such as a PNF (Proprioception Neuromuscular Facilitation) or Contract- Relax Technique for long term success.

Banded hip distractions are a type of exercise or stretching technique commonly used in physical therapy and fitness training to improve hip mobility and reduce hip joint stiffness.

This technique involves using a resistance band to create a distraction force on the hip joint, gently pulling the hip joint surfaces away from each other.

Here is a example of a Anterior Capsule Distraction:

Hip Mobility Anterior Capsule Stretch

Completing exercises like this and mobilization exercises like the 90/90 Stretch or Pigeon Stretch are a great way to assist with recovery and improve performance.

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