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Artificial Intelligence and Programming

The emergence of AI writing has revolutionized the field of strength training. This technology can provide personal trainers with a more efficient way to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. With AI writing, trainers can give their clients external cueing and feedback on their form without having to be physically present.

However, there are limitations to AI writers are not able to correct form or provide specific advice on how to improve technique or XYZ muscles are imbalanced or that you have a pelvic tilt etc. This means that a human trainer is still needed for providing personalized guidance and support.

We could see in the future several versions of how the AI writes and the process it decides to write out the program or workouts and with continued research, we feel in years to come with the proper process, AI writing can help personal trainers better serve their clients and improve the overall effectiveness of strength training programs in a limited capacity. This seems like a win-win situation for both trainers and their clients in the future but here are a few things to consider when choosing AI Programming for fitness:

Special Considerations:


When we started Ground Force, one of the segments that we felt could be improved in our industry was the on boarding and assessment process. Getting an individualized approach is something that we saw a need to improve in by communicating with the client about their ambitions, physical or training maturity and how to keep them motivated.

Their exercise and medical history is a key component to how a trainer should take things into consideration, such as previous surgeries and how long ago. Another example would be simple testing for the athletic population by sport and function.


This would be considered a Holy Grail topic of personal training. Consistency is a critical factor for anyone that is looking to improve their health for fitness or sport. For us, it's showing our population how to navigate their health during life situations, for example many of our clients are high school and collegiate athletes. Papers turned in by mid night during travel from another state while trying to recover from competition is a real life situation.

Accountability in athletes day to day schedule is needed to ensure when these things happen, they understand the outcomes of lack of sleep, nutrition and our ability to adjust their work load for the next day or so.

Athlete Monitoring and Wellness

If you work in the high school sector than you know that this is something that needs attention.

There are features in applications that can assist in tracking this. Ours isn't fancy that shows graphs with colorful lines, but it does offer a simple questionnaire that helps us adjust loading or add-in active recovery sessions.

These things we currently offer using an online training platform. However the difference between AI writing for Strength and Conditioning and ours is that there are real coaches and trainers behind the scenes doing online assessments, adjusting workouts based on practices and competition and holding athletes accountable for completing their training.

To be clear, we are not against an AI writer assisting a professional trainer write quicker or more efficiently. There will be several stages of AI and Strength and Conditioning merging in the future as more people are online, working from home and continue to look for ways to improve their health.

Finally, the argument of AI saving your hundreds of $$ by avoiding a personal trainer may end up costing you in physical therapy co-pay because you weren't being monitored or properly progressed in exercise selection.

Nevertheless, AI writing could be an invaluable tool in helping personal trainers better serve their clients and improve the overall effectiveness of strength training programs in the future and the technology is still in its infancy, so the benefits are largely untapped. More knowledge about what works best and who is writing the code for AI will be critical for its development.

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