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End of Week 11/27

Messaging, Off Season Training, Accountability and Injury Prevention

Messaging to Parents and Athletes

Instagram, You Tube and Local Trainers can be great sources for training ideas, tips and ways to push through training plateaus. But as we look into it closer the message that being sent isn't one that is clear and accurate. We all have training preferences that help our clients in a positive way but advising them that certain recovery modalities are a waste of time, or a specific way to exercise is the only way to go is miss-leading and uninformative.

Off season Training and Progressions

Most Fall High School Sports have wrapped up and winter sports are in full swing of things and the best way to make to make use of time for athletes not playing a winter sport is to begin their off season training program. A great way to keep training fun is to progress the exercises you are good at and improve on the ones that are needed. We offer middle and high school strength and conditioning classes every week.


Accountability is a behavior model that we use to improve your success through consistency through our mobile training platform. One aspect about a client-trainer relationship is that both parties should have a end-goal when it comes to the success of improving that behavior and a effective way to keep account are check-ins. Our Online Clients check in with a live trainer every week to keep training programs up to date and for any FAQ's.

Injury Prevention is knowing where to start

A few weeks ago we released a 3 part series about Hamstring Injuries and how it's not your hamstrings that were the cause but multiple factors. Read more and get some insight on how to improve your ROM and Hamstring Strength.

Since you're here and I have your attention our Training Tops and Home Exercise Programs are on sale Today for Cyber Monday and are 25% OFF.

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