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2023 was “Just the Warm Up”

A year in review and looking ahead into 2024

First and foremost we want to thank every single one of our clients, sport's partners and medical partners for an incredible ending to 2023.

As we review this past year, quite a few things have changed for us here at Ground Force and we are excited to move into 2024 providing even more resources, and quality events that will impact Jacksonville and the sports performance community.

The Big Bang of Artificial Intelligence in personal training and sports performance.

The emergence of AI this past year has exploded, landing into everyone's hands with automated workout plans.

Finally, the argument of AI saving your hundreds of $$ by avoiding a personal trainer may end up costing you in physical therapy co-pay because you weren't being monitored or properly progressed in exercise selection.

Now before we sound cynical, there's a lot of good things to come out of these systems including the ability to monitor movements and help with predicting loads and volume for athletes.

Read more on our thoughts about AI and why Personal Trainers will still be needed. Read More

This leads us to Why the importance of individualizing training.

Since our conception we decided and developed a structured assessment process that allows us to identify key areas of strengths and weaknesses, calling this The Ground Up Assessment.

This takes place in three parts but is a consistent approach to making proper exercise selections, especially as the youth athlete grows.

Additionally, individualized training takes into account the differences in physical maturity among youth athletes. Growth spurts, varying rates of maturation, and different levels of strength development are all factors to consider. With customized programs, we can address these variations and adapt the training intensity and volume to match their specific stage of development.

Read More

As we continue to improve our own process and training methods, this allows our athletes, parents and coaches to see changes in real time.

Ground Force is an amazing space for our son. Our football player has gained confidence and strength through their programming. He is always excited to go, and the coaches there really push Him to do his best. There is never a fight to leave the video games and head to training. If you know, you know! Definitely recommend this program/training to the whole team!

This was one review left by a parent that continues to see improvements.

Big thanks to our training staff for making sure our athletes gain confidence no matter where they are in the training continuum, from rehab to sports performance.

Looking Ahead in 2024

As our community grows, so does the need to fulfill its demands for high level training. As a sports performance company that continues to grow its vision for Jacksonville and beyond, we felt it was important for us to expand by having a Medial Director that helps our athletes and adult clients go beyond the average healthcare provider.

Expanded Services and Partnerships

Our approach to health and human performance is now a multidisciplinary process offering resources to our clients such as Manual Therapy to Chiropractic Care that is backed by Corrective Exercise to ensure you reduce your potential risk injury.

Dr. Dan O'Leary with Jax Natural Healing will serve in this role and we are excited to have his experience working besides our training staff.

Metabolic Testing

Knowing your metabolic health isn't just for athletes. By knowing your VO2 max is a early prediction of all cause mortality. The benefits of doing this test are far beyond anything you see on social media. Stop guessing what you need to eat, how much of your calories are used for exercise and more!

This system was developed, designed and manufactured all in the United States.

Scheduling will be available soon!

"This is Just the Warm Up" Podcast

We began this podcast in 2023 with the idea of improving transparency in the personal training and coaching space.

So much information has evolved and as parents, coaches and athletes sift through the internet, we wanted to bring real conversations form real professionals.

Check out our previous episodes and a preview of our upcoming episode.

FULL90+ Soccer's dedicated Strength and Conditioning App

We have be using FULL90+ since 2019 bringing what we feel was a missing piece to soccer development, Strength and Conditioning dedicated to the soccer player.

We offer a variety of ways to use the app with actual trainer support from Trainers like Luke Cantin, MS ATC with Real Salt Lake.

We offer a Marketplace of workouts to select from based on your training or Physical Therapy outcomes. We offer a more individual experience with our 1-1 remote evaluation and training, detailing your workouts week to week based on your playing schedule.

Free to download and start on your own

Learn more about FULL90+

New Location

We have recently opened our Downtown Jacksonville location to bring Clinical Testing, Training and consulting services for athletes and high performing health enthusiasts looking to improve their performance.

Located in the Blackstone Building.

Schedule your next visit and experience the Ground Force Difference.

Welcome to 2024 and becoming #groundforcestrong

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